The history of Chinese wood artwork has a thousand years of records. Between “wood approach” and “timber artwork”,
conventional tradition has given beginning to fashionable human growth and civilization.
Little White Dragon rooted in constructing blocks toy product development, production and excellent,
immersed inside the development of constructing blocks toys for nearly twenty years.
We find and look forward to: China desires Chinese-fashion constructing blocks products and building blocks cultural heritage.

we ought to offer China with greater building blocks and constructing blocks derivatives that
we will consume. We ought to combine more profound Chinese way of life into our high world.
We need more sense of plot, literary, increase and task;
all of this,
we’re positioning it as a “new hope assignment” that is going past the building blocks themselves.

Because  we come from China!
We have a excessive global!


Building Blocks

There is sort of no such product as a constructing block, so can inherit and popularize China’s wooden way of life, especially between the market and the kid, hint the records, describe the existing and look forward to the future.

If we will influence children, we are able to have an impact on the destiny.


Brand Positioning:
Top Leader in China’s Building Block Culture

Enterprise Mission:
Top 1 China Block Factory